Monday, September 10, 2012

The Norway Spiral Ritual

On Dec. 9, 2009, citizens of Norway saw a strange sight, this spiral light show above.

I don't buy the official line of it was an errant Russian rocket.  (That goes in perfect multiple spirals, uhmm no.)

Let's look at NASA's current top administrator, Charles Bolden, Jr.'s resume:

On STS-45, Bolden commanded a crew of seven aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis, launched on March 24, 1992 from Kennedy Space Center. STS-45 was the first Spacelab mission dedicated to NASA's Mission to Planet Earth. During the nine-day mission, the crew operated the twelve experiments that constituted the ATLAS-1 (Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science) cargo.

ATLAS-1 obtained a vast array of detailed measurements of atmospheric chemical and physical properties, which contribute significantly to improving our understanding of our climate and atmosphere. In addition, this was the first time an artificial beam of electrons was used to stimulate a man-made auroral discharge. Following 143 orbits of Earth, Atlantis landed at Kennedy Space Center on April 2, 1992.
The Norway Spiral was a man-made auroral discharge.

Let's say that it was.  The question then becomes, "Why?"

Because the world is ruled by Satanic elites that are fulfilling prophecy - white and black magicians working hand in glove with each other for a desired goal.

When you go to the Norway Spiral wiki page, there's no mention of a very important facet of the story - Barack Obama was flying into Norway that very night to accept his Nobel Peace Prize, given to him on Dec. 10th.  Well, what event from the Bible does that remind you of?

This was a ritual to make Obama into the "prince of peace".  The "wise men" (Nobel laureates) follow the star (the spiral, which symbolizes birth - hence why they are commonly put on Christmas ornaments) to the newborn "prince of peace".

In the end-time time-line, this fits in with 5-21-13.  12-9-09 plus 1260 days (42 months) is 5-21-13, which is 5 months after 12-21-12, Trumpet 5 (which lasts 5 months).

You're thinking, "But why would Russia give a cover story to cover-up a ritual related to the US?"  "Russia hates the US, doesn't it?"

Does it?

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